About Us
From Collector to collector...


Heroautographs.com was a partnership of Cy Stapleton (Lufkin, Texas) and Bernd Poser (Schwabisch Hall, Germany)

Cy and Bernd have been friends for a number of
years. Both are collectors of hero autographs.
They have been working together for several years
and in January 2007 they partnered in this
endeavour. Heroautographs.com was launched in
January 2007 and includes items from Cy's
collection , Bernd's collection and collections they jointly own.

Both have been collectors for a number of years
and this venture's purpose is the marketing of
wartime signed items and postwar signed items from collector to collector.

Cy's interest includes US Medal of Honor signed
items, UK Victoria Cross signed items, and WWI
and WWII German Knights Cross signed items.

Bernd's area of interest is primarily German
Imperial and WWII German Knights Cross recipients' signed items.

Between the two of us, we have one of the most
comprehensive collections in existence. We think
that you will find our prices quite attractive.
We also feel that you will see that our inventory is absolutely awesome.

Between the two of us we have literally thousands
of warsigned and postwar signed items. We would
love to hear from you about your collection and
sincerely hope that we can add you to our fast
growing number of collector customers.

At the end of 2008, Cy decided to withdraw from the Heroautographs company, citing reasons of age and health. Several serious illnesses and other acts of fate have forced him to leave and to concentrate on his own website hotlinecy.com.



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