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The autographs and signatures of the Knights Cross recipients are sorted into the following categories.

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  • Waffen SS
  • World War I autographs



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Saturday 20. of February 2016 Autographs update

Today I added a few Generalfieldmarshals from the Imperial time of Germany.

The Kaiser-time. Also some Knights Cross autographs


Karl von Bülow -sold-

Hermann Kövess von Kövesshaza

Gottlieb von Haeseler

Wilhelm von...

Tuesday 19. of January 2016 Autographs update

Today I added the following autographs:

Erwin Rommel, Diamonds and Generalfieldmarschal

Gordon Gollob, Diamonds

Heinz Guderian, Oakleaves

Günther Rall, Swords

Joachim Helbig, Swords

Alfred Druschel, Swords

Anton Hackl,...

Monday 11. of January 2016 New Update will follow soon!

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