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Monday 12. of September 2016 Autographs update

Today I added autographs of 5 Diamond winners!

Erwin Rommel, Diamonds and Generalfieldmarschal

Albrecht Brandi, Diamonds

Hans Hube, Diamonds

Hermann- Bernhard Ramcke, Diamonds

Sepp Dietrich, Diamonds


Sunday 28. of August 2016 Autographs update

Today we added the following autographs:

Ewald von Kleist, Swords and Generalfieldmarschal

Georg-Wilhelm Postel, Swords

Eugen Meindl, Swords

Volckamer von Kirchensittenbach, Knights Cross

Walter Oesau, Swords

Otto von...

Monday 20. of June 2016 Autographs update

Today I added the following autographs:

Hans Ulrich Rudel, Golden Oakleaves

Erich Hartmann, Diamonds

Hasso von Manteuffel, Diamonds

Sepp Dietrich, Diamonds

Robert Ritter von Greim, Swords and Generalfieldmarschal


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